Focus takes on challenging problems, scientifically or technologically speaking, aimed at making people's lives a little better.

While we won't change the fate of our species, we're trying hard to keep our software as simple as possible, avoiding nonlinear drawbacks in the analysis phase.

Grapes by Andrew Hagen

Tools for production efficiency and quality assurance

  • Sometimes you need some ICT to understand and monitor your costs, to optimize your plant performance, to manage quality issues…
  • …and you need someone understanding your business goals, helping you to identify your real needs, delivering practical and effective solutions.
  • Examples: quality assurance monitoring, production scheduling, custom workflow management, manufacturing time monitoring, business intelligence, etc.
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Flowers by Cas Cornelissen

Prototypes and MVPs for Startups (and Established companies)

  • Have you got a new product/service idea and are you thinking to build an online/mobile service around it, but you still miss the IT crowd who can turn it into real software?
  • We will be your (temporary) open-minded, experienced CTO and software development team to overcome the technology hill.
  • We provide startup-friendly software development and startup-aware support with features definition, technology choices, test design, etc.
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Lavender by pixel2013

Healthcare and medical software

  • Biomedical and biotechnology companies, as well as researchers in general, need more than just software developers: they require partners understanding their complex world.
  • We support you in designing and developing your software, while helping with project management, regulatory issues, and clinical validation.
  • Examples: medical imaging software, healthcare IoT applications, machine learning projects, support for validation trials, etc.
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Raspberries by Glen Carrie

Some technologies we handle

  • JavaScript (Full Stack), AWS/Heroku, C++
  • Ye Olde LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Lua, Python
  • Native and hybrid mobile apps, UX/UI
  • Machine learning, Home automation, IoT, Image analysis
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