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IoT: things first

The remote way to collect data and manage your devices: keep in touch with them.

Remote control, home automation , device as a service, predictive maintenance… gathering field information to take smarter decisions.

( Technologies and Projects)


  • We specialize in achieving new solutions and we have a deep knowledge of prototyping boards like: Arduino, CubieBoard, ESP8266 and RaspberryPi. Using certified products like Industrino, we can also develop simple industrial solutions.
  • Some wired and radio protocols we deal with: LoRa, MQTT, XBee and ZigBee.
  • We provide professional solutions for integrating home automation devices using Control4.

Some projects

  • Several Control4 home automation drivers
  • Home-based system for diagnosing sleep disorders in pediatric population ( Internet of Sleep)
  • Professional appliance for sterilization of hazardous waste produced by healthcare facilities ( re3CUBE)
  • Access control systems, power meter and small industrial automations, environmental sensors and remote cameras

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Machine learning: (Artificial) Intelligence within reach

Whether you need pattern recognition, clustering, data regression, classification… we can help.

Although we avoid reinventing the wheel (we love to exploit available third parties services), we can develop ad-hoc solutions whenever it's needed.

( Technologies and Projects)


  • Third party services: AWS, Google, IBM Watson, Microsoft
  • Ad-hoc solutions using the Python ecosystem (Scikit-learn, TensorFlow)

Some projects

  • Several systems for computer aided diagnosis (3D image analysis) currently used in commercial medical products
  • System for trend changes detection in financial time series
  • Regression models for real estate prices

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Web applications: the Angular/Hapi.js smart duo

Angular: the most complete, supported, and reliable framework for single page web and mobile apps available today and for the next few years.

Hapi.js: precise, clean, optimized, and supported framework for REST and M2M services.

( Projects)

Some projects

  • REST service and dashboards for IoT applications (medical, industrial…)
  • Advanced didactic DICOM dashboard (and REST server) for radiography reading online test
  • Scheduling and MES systems for industrial applications

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