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Telegram Bot for Control4

  • Telegram is a popular free messaging app, multiplatform, light, and open to integration with third parties.
  • With our bot driver, your Control4 system will be able to send Telegram messages to your phones.
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KMTronic Relay

KMTronic Devices over IP


Adeo Gateway DALI/DMX

  • The Adeo SGDD-C4-2 Gateway IP DALI/DMX is a device allowing the integration of the Control4 advanced lighting system with the DALI and DMX BUS.
  • Our driver fully supports advanced lighting with all light(v2) features.
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Ksenia Laser

Ksenia lares – security

  • Ksenia Security is an Italian Security company worldwide recognized for its IP-Security & Home/Building Automation Solutions.
  • The Control4 driver allows for a full integration of lares™ Zones, Partitions, Scenarios, and Outputs with Control4 programming.
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